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  1. Posted by theashleyschwenkel, — Reply

    There is no way... I have been obsessively doodling this symbol over & over & over again probably close to a million times throughout my entire life & never knew why I was so obsessed with it or what it meant... crazy!

  2. Posted by mysticmeadows6, — Reply

    Everyone's arguing about this symbol but... Maybe we could just... Decide that this symbol now means unconditional love (in addition to the various meanings of had before) and not argue? Things' meanings can change over time...

  3. Posted by toakley288, — Reply

    Seems legit has the ink from your pen going in circles until it finds a way back out of the chaos looks like a highway off and on ramp filled with ups and downs highs and lows but most importantly a flagrant waste of ink

  4. Posted by steviemoore2464, — Reply

    Unconditional love comes from having owned a dog. I know. I just lost her this year after 11 years. I don’t see loyalty or unconditional anything from anyone. Anymore. These days. People are just full of empty meaningless dribble..

  5. Posted by maryland9393, — Reply

    From FBI records (just go to their site) it is actually the symbol pedophiles use to spot out other pedophiles without talking about their sick obsession it’s also the symbol used online to advertise child pornography...do research before you guys get tattoos.

  6. Posted by verouses, — Reply

    In the mean time, whoever had the idea to give a random symbol a random, cliché meaning must be laughing out loud at the people blindly believing it!

  7. Posted by babinangele, — Reply

    Unconditional love is expect by a narcissistic personality. I do not believe in unconditional love. People receive my love if they respect me and don’t take advantage. Honesty and transparency is a must.

  8. Posted by jaimient, — Reply

    People are sharing their tattoos, which means they are happy, it has meaning for them. From the time they first started thinking about what to get, research put into the meaning and took from it what they felt. So why not be peaceful and allow them to enjoy their tattoo and what it means to you.

  9. Posted by jenjdt, — Reply

    It may be a Zibu Angelic symbol for unconditional love. My wrist tattoo is the Zibu Angelic symbol for new beginnings!

  10. Posted by momolovesjaxamillion, — Reply

    Ok which one is it? Strength or unconditional love? Or does it have a dual meaning maybe? Please explain! Thanks!

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